[file106] Camron "Trash Fire" Sorucan - Demo for dad

Released: 04/25/2023

[11:40 PM] tape found in the burnt ruins of an defunct music studio. studio last in use: 1997.
[11:49 PM] a note paired with the tape reads "Those warner fucks won't know what hit them, last time I came to them the said some shit like 'oh no! some piece of shit wants to put something with soul out!' Then some shity remark about how 'not even sub pop want it' so jokes on you! im taking the worst shit i got! and warner with it!
[11:51 PM] the note dates to 06 17 1997. two days later the Warner music of america and the studio itself would burn in an act of arson commited by 17 year old Camron Sorucan.