-file/digital [mp3 and other more-or-less serious digital releases]

[file01] girl.mask@yahoo.jp - magical ecstacy [ost]

[file05] [Since removed and reissued]

[file06] bedroomwindow - rivers

[file07] bedroomwindow - memories revisted

[file08] DJ Last Login / DJ Impushing - Split

[file09] Jeg Ber - Dreamstretch Trance Series

[file10] Aronkartur - Most Unwanted Hits

[file11] Leocard - Noisepop Love Songs

[file12] dj jaycar - dumbass with executive mark (2022)

[file13] crow - it could be you and it could be me too

[file14] crow - [Assorted, Unfinished]

[file15] Various Artists - 11-Way Trans Split

[file16] post-artist - Untitled

[file17] post-artist - Untitled (Natural Processors)

[file18] post-artist - Untitled (2 Years Later)

[file19] Magic Crow - Audacitycore

[file20] Crow - End of The Fucking Line I - With No Apology to Michał Szewczyński

[file21] deleted, since reuploaded elsewhere

[file22] stalker mixtape self titled - Crystal In Me Blunt, Vol 1.

[file23] :Bethought22 Mannfaru Orchestra with the Cwichrérende Monks at the Munucstów in company of the Decanum & Zap_Zap Band without Chorum :: - U R L S E S R N

[file24] SM / ST - Crystal In Me Blunt, Vol 2

[file25] stalker mixtape "Self Titled" - Crystal In Me Blunt / Bent Spoooon, Vol 3

[file26] stalker mixtape self titled 2022 - Crystal In Me Blunt, Vol 4

[file27] isabelle cedar - fragments1117

[file28] hunnid stalkers - Crystal In Me Blunt, Vol 6

[file29] [Since removed and reissued on Sacred Entity]

[file30] Lord Cernunnos - Deep Dungeons

[file31] Goin' Down - demo mixtape

[file32] ◉ - ②

[file33] The bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb - equator sheets

[file34] ◉ & reas - ◉ & reas

[file35] NOISEMBRYO - [untitled]

[file36] Butchered Soldier - Giving Up / Tundra

[file37] ainlid x ≽ܫ≼ - helium dj mix 2012, god bless ❤️

[file38] 2en - For Peter / For Martin

[file39] Shimapan Society - Just Add Water

[file40] NOISEMBRYO - Sedative Hypnotic

[file41] ◉ - (Safari) "Rune"

[file42] Cabecilla - can the owner of a blue cashmere sweater come down to the office please

[file43] ≽ܫ≼ - The Queen of 8chan

[file44] Lord Cernunnos - Eldritch Horrors (8kbps Edition)


[file46] Jesus' Death Mother - Collective Suicide In Bethlehem

[file47] Jeg Ber - Dreamstretch Trance Series 2

[file48] SM / ST - tape 2 draft crystal on me blunt 7

[file49] sm/st - 4 da summr 20127

[file50] sm / st - New mixtape 8

[file51] ≽ܫ≼ - Website Anthropomorphism

[file52] Surrogate Sigma - Tactical Blackout Music

[file53] sm / st - Keepitraw Yeah I Did Do That November 22nd

[file54] larsht_ - The Utter Meaninglessness Of This Existence

[file55] Messier - 19741116

[file56] ◉ - kaomoji

[file57] DJ Last Login - Abridged Music II

[file58] sm/st - Self Titled Mixtape, 4 December 2022

[file59] LEN - Vol. 1

[file60] ピラミッド - 垢生-tape

[file61] MyDogStoleMyLiver - random objects. EP, Vol.1

[file62] [unknown artist] - 1234567890

[file63] post artist - Deleted Bandcamp Releases

[file64] MyDogStoleMyLiver - Random objects Vol. 2, holiday special Part 1

[file65] larsht_ - another tape

[file66] MyDogStoleMyLiver+Okosan - Random objects Vol. 3, holiday special Part 2

[file67] r63ralsei - rubber chicken scumcore

[file68] ≽ܫ≼ - pictures

[file69] MyDogStoleMyLiver - SIXTY NINE

[file70] white !! noise - i love satan

[file71] Post Artist - Drone Music

[file72] 22b6e2c4732f3 - 498b20c9bfeb7

[file73] c93b0412918db - d46fb1c58ecff

[file74] post artist - 41

[file75] post artist - multimedia

[file76] self titled - i hate 2 turn up

[file77] Lord Cernunnos - Effervescence Dreams

[file78] Audio Security Program Inc. - S/T

[file79] SNW21 - Mercury-Atlas 8

[file80] ≽ܫ≼ - 18-jan-23

[file81] ピラミッド🔺 and DARKWEB🌑 - ALIOGRAF NUMBER 0NE

[file82] [Since removed and reissued]

[file83] Unknown Artist - Outlaying of Mary's Corpse with Mourning Saints

[file84] Latex Priest - Metal Man

[file85] ≽ܫ≼ - Aai

[file86] ≽ܫ≼ & last login - the science of illusion

[file87] smst - so many choices so many shrimp so many weddings

[file88] post artist - untitled

[file89] Slice Your Eye - 90RPM Performance

[file90] DJ 🌸 Last Login 🌸 - Quick valentines day mix <3

[file91] post artist - pink work

[file92] The Salamiwizordrdrdrds + snow.txt - Drinkin' + Fuckin' Split

[file93] ≽ܫ≼ - be invoked!

[file94] MyDogStoleMyLiver - Odyssey

[file95] self titled - Halfpipe Midway Screwdriver

[file96] MyDogStoleMyLiver - METTAL GRUB WALKING

[file97] SalamiWizordrdrdrds VS Neco-Arc - Japan Dick Genocide


[file100] TheSalamiWizordrdrdrds + His Fucking Pretty Ladybugs

[file101] MyDogStoleMyLiver - RAID SIGNAL

[file102] Lord Cernunnos - Sewers

[file103] The SalamiWizordrdrdrds - Violent Genital Cult

[file104] post artist - untitled

[file105] Post Artist - Seven Skies

[file106] Camron "Trash Fire" Sorucan - Demo for dad

[file107] extra - experience

[file108] Arissa Franklin - Five Billion Tracks for Romilda Vane

[file109] Slow Queen - Demo I: (Love or Not)

[file110] SalamiWizordrdrdrds VS Neco-Arc - Death Interviews

[file111] jaiden - we like it

[file112] Favorite - clockm d

[file113] fairyblood - tape0

[file114] lunaht_ - 48kbps screwtape vol. 6/14/23

[file115] ≽​ܫ​≼ - the ploughed field

[file116] lunaht_ - 48kbps screwtape vol. 6/30/23

[file117] Breakpoint Minnesota - Bbasketball court

[file118] SalamiWizordrdrdrds - Chinese Censorship Apocalypse

[file119] Grandma Jupiter - SUMMER // TIME


[file121] jpeg compression - consciousness

[file122] 80 minutes - :3

[file123] Owlrooster - Soft Ears Radio

[file124] Owlrooster - the process (decaydreams)

[file125] 快適な天気 - 穏やかな雨

[file126] jpeg compression - regrets

[file127] ≽​ܫ​2≽​ܫ​≼

[file128] ✉ - loveletter

[file129] Mother Octet and Heaven's Big Band - Breathing Exercise for Curing Depression, Understanding Tensors, Meditation and Hearing Loss

[file130] Polarlicht - Throw a Spider Like a Boomerang


[file132] Breakpoint Minnesota - Terminator Deuce, Antichrist Edition

[file133] Kotono Murder Gang - Retrospective on Shit Artwork

[file134] MyDogStoleMyLiver - E/N/T EP


[file136] Tiholaz - Angry Today

[file137] MyDogStoleMyLiver - That's When You Come In

[file138] Various - Ex Nihilo

[file139] assuming "foe" - dead internet theory part 2

[file140] ⓶ - การสำรวจสาธารณะ (public survey)

[file141] Arplet3000 - Three Dollars