Make tracks titled and themed after one of the following prompts. One song per alias.
This will be released on handmade cassettes or possibly microcassettes. 
No end date, will release when all is furfilled.
Genre suggestions: ambient/drone/dark ambient, noise, sound collage, field recordings, neofolk, outsider
(but truly anything that fits your visions)

1: [claimed, delivered] Lizard man 2: [claimed, delivered] Illuminati pawn 3: Closet alchemist 4: [claimed, delivered] The desert wind 5: A howling dog 5: [claimed] Annunaki 7: Endless waves of chanting 8: Mania 9: [claimed] The hunters song 10: [claimed, delivered] Blank ink from a squids belly 11: A dream within a dream 12: Time's cruel persistence 13: The illusions of youth 14: Blue moonlight on the red earth 15: Clarity in all its terror 16: A whisper passing through dust in an empty room 17: The finality of the dusk 18: Boats swaying ceaselessly 19: Chrysanthemum swaying ceaselessly 20: [claimed, delivered] 20: A cocoon 21: A heart full of contempt 22: [claimed, delivered] What light reaches the floor of the ocean 23: [claimed, delivered] A bell ringing ceaselessly 24: [claimed, delivered] Weariness like a suit from which one cannot undress Non torno vivo alcun, s’i’odo il vero, Senza tema d’infamia ti rispondo. Send inquiries to Okosan#3855 or 3ampersondreaming@gmail.com